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My Wiccan Library

"My Personal Book of Shadows"
by Pherfinion (Pete) Foggymoon

"If You Want To Be A Witch"
by Edain McCoy
LLewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota

"The Wicca Handbook"
by Eileen Holland
Weiser Books, Boston, Massachusetts

"Wicca - A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner"
by Scott Cunningham
LLewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota

"Witch Crafting"
by Phyllis Curott
Broadway Books, New York

"Solitary Wicca For Life"
by Arin Murphy Hiscock
Adam Media, Avon, Massachusetts

"Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac"
by Various Authors and Contributors
LLewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, Minnesota

"Seasons of the Witch PRIMER"
used with "Seasons of the Witch Calendar"
by Victoria David Danann
7th House Publishing, The Woodlands, Texas

"Candelburning Rituals"
by Raymond Buchland
LLewellyn Worldwide, Woodbury, Minnesota

"The Book of Spells"
by Nicola de Pulford
Quarto Publishing, London

"Who Am I?"

    As I enter into my 6th decade, I would think this would be a relatively easy thing to assess. However, I find the task of critical introspection somewhat elusive. Perhaps it is the case that I have not stopped growing or evolving, that the bottom line answer to the question of "Who Am I?" isn't a quantifiable one, but continue reading along and we will give it a shot.

    Notwithstanding the basic question, outside of myself and immediate family and close friends, no one really gives a tinkers damn, "who" I am.  I used to think it did make a difference.   I used to think my opinion counted for something, when in actuality and in a larger sense, it doesn't.  I have an extreme dislike for liars, thiefs, manipulators, the deceitful know-it-alls who will pat you on your back while simultaneously picking your pocket.  We have all been unfortunate enough to encounter these bullshit artists, who think it is their opinion "only" that counts at the invariable expense and subjucation of others. They do this regardless of the hurt they cause, mess they make or lives they destroy in their wake.   Let us all hope they are few in number, for just like an all-day-sucker, a little goes a long way and we all have better things to do than contend with them on a daily basis.

    I am a "Boomer."  Born at the end of the Second World War into an economy and social class in America that was the envy of the world.  My family literally clawed it's way up from destitution (I once lived in a converted chicken coop heated by a pot-bellied stove) to that of providing a comfortable life for their children, but something was lost along the way to affluence... namely "love."

    I did at one time, think I could change the world, but that naivete died along with Bobby Kennedy.  My hold that my opinions are my own and of value to no one other than yours truly.  My ideas and thoughts are mine, guarded jeaously and not subject to sale to the highest bidder.  The unique Solitary brand of the Wiccan religion I follow is mine also... it is not for everyone... but then I really don't care if you agree with it or not.  It is a great thing to be supported in your life's beliefs, but it can also be liberating when your not.

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W I C C A N   R E D E  (Full Poem)

Being known as the counsel of the Wise Ones:

Bide the Wiccan Laws ye must In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Live an' let live - Fairly take an' fairly give.

Cast the Circle thrice about To keep all evil spirits out.

To bind the spell every time - Let the spell be spake in rhyme.

Soft of eye an' light of touch - Speak little, listen much.

Deosil go by the waxing Moon - Sing and dance the Wiccan rune.

Widdershins go when the Moon doth wane, An' the Werewolf howls by the dread Wolfsbane.

When the Lady's Moon is new, Kiss thy hand to Her times two.

When the Moon rides at Her peak Then your heart's desire seek.

Heed the Northwind's mighty gale - Lock the door and drop the sail.

When the wind comes from the South, Love will kiss thee on the mouth.

When the wind blows from the East, Expect the new and set the feast

When the West wind blows o'er thee, Departed spirits restless be.

Nine woods in the Cauldron go - Burn them quick an' burn them slow

Elder be ye Lady's tree - Burn it not or cursed ye'll be.

When the Wheel begins to turn - Let the Beltane fires burn.

When the Wheel has turned a Yule, Light the Log an' let Pan rule.

Heed ye flower bush an' tree - By the Lady Blessèd Be.

Where the rippling waters go Cast a stone an' truth ye'll know.

When ye have need, Hearken not to others greed.

With the fool no season spend Or be counted as his friend.

Merry meet an' merry part - Bright the cheeks an' warm the heart.

Mind the Threefold Law ye should - Three times bad an' three times good.

When misfortune is enow, Wear the Blue Star on thy brow.

True in love ever be Unless thy lover's false to thee.

Eight words ye Wiccan Rede fulfill -

          An' it harm none, Do what ye will.

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