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This is the area of the site that helps defray costs while providing a creative outlet for my interest in candlemaking.

Pherfinion's Flame Candles ™

The photo below is an ImageMap, it shows a small example of what is available...

[All candles are made to your specifications according to the scent and color requested. Appearance will and does vary.
Solid color candles are generally less expensive than multiple color banded pieces primarily due to the length of time and complexity required to create.  Remember, these are custom, "One-of-a-Kind" creations. and not available retail. - Shipping (normally UPS) is NOT included and will be quoted at time of order.]

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14" Double Set 9.5" High Square Multi-Layer Oblique 18" Tall Pentagon 18" Tall Pentagon 4" Dia. Globes 8.5" Tall Narrow Pyramid 9.5" High Square Oblique 8" Tall Cat's Eye Oval 8" Tall Cat's Eye Oval 14" Tall Pentagon Oblique Size Reference Size Reference Size Reference 8" High Square Size Reference Size Reference 12" High Triangle Oblique - 6 color and 2 color examples 12" High Triangle Oblique - 6 color and 2 color examples

  I handcraft a specialty line of Wiccan ceremonial candles.  No two have ever been completely identical. If interested in purchasing one of these "truly unique and one of a kind pieces of art", please contact me.

Pherfinion's Flame Candles burn beautifully and have outstanding scent throw, just enough for a subtle background ambience. Only the finest materials and ingredients are used in their creation.

I am sure you will be satisfied.

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